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Big City Life

Is city living the way of the future for Adelaide? Outset Design Project Manager, Jed Nicolle, ponders this query.


Ever since I was a young child, I have always been interested in city living.

There is something I find fascinating about hundreds of people calling the same building home. Potentially I was watching too many episodes of ‘Friends’ and ‘Seinfeld’ in the late 1990’s or maybe it was the release of this classic track that influenced my psyche? – I’ll never know.

Whatever the case may be, city living is a growing trend in Adelaide – the question is, can a town like Adelaide sustain it?

Whenever I think of city living, New York, London and Paris automatically hit my mind. These places exemplify city living, with fast paced cultures and 24/7 mentalities. Millions of people sharing the same space and making it work. One word can describe these places well – energy.


There are a lot of big city ideals I can subscribe to. As a foodie, I have always loved the idea of going out to eat at 10 pm midweek and restaurants not being closed. Knowing that if you’re up at 11 pm you aren’t the only person awake in your neighbourhood. Having a somewhat efficient public transport system. The idea that you could walk to work in the hustle and bustle, and stop off at your local diner (maybe that’s the ‘Seinfeld’ influence again).


Adelaide may be a long way off a few of those dreams mentioned above (especially the public transport), however more and more young professionals are choosing city living over living in the suburbs of Adelaide and it is starting to force changes in our culture, with a growing number of businesses embracing longer trading opportunities (beyond the common yiros).

As you drive through the CBD in Adelaide now (public transport is still not a viable option in 2016), there are a large number of new apartment buildings popping up on all corners of the city and the 5 squares. Brand new apartments, in idyllic locations for under $350k. As the price of small homes in the inner burbs of Adelaide continues to rise, city living will become more and more popular and why shouldn’t it? Not everyone has the time, nor money, to look after a blossoming rose garden in Toorak.


There are other added benefits to living in the city. The idea of being able to lock up your property knowing it will lie untouched until your return from holiday and with only your bonsai to prune is a wonderful thought. Having to clean the windows would be a thing of the past, as would forgetting to put the bins out each week.

Will Adelaide ever become a metropolis? Not likely, nor would many want it to be, however with a constantly increasing population, a focus on becoming more environmentally friendly and a responsive service industry culture, city living will definitely become more popular – and with good reason.

By Jed Nicolle, Project Manager, Outset Design

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